Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My writing class

Yesterday I did submit something to my writing class for the anthology and apparently we could have written personal stuff! I was a little unhappy that I had got crossed wires on that because personal stuff is a bit easier for me to write than other things.
Anyway, the poems were acceptable and the one I wrote in response to falling in love was appreciated as a verse for a greeting card;that pleased me.

And the two ladies who had gripes about the teacher have become pals of sort; we are all three ethnic and understandably, our teacher will not know all the markets for the kind of things we might be interested in and we might not always be as in tune with the markets she reveals to us as those who are English through and through. I still say it is a very good class for me to attend and it is encouraging to see that others are submitting work and getting acceptances. I need to start generating my own momentum and each day is a new one to take one step towards that.

And yesterday we worked on the order of the different pieces of writing as it will appear in the anthology. Very exciting for me since I have a feeling that somewhere and somehow during this year, I will be involved in the birth of one magazine or two.
God is good all the time; the key is to keep trusting Him and listening to what He is saying to me each day.

Thank You, Father for all these opportunities.


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