Monday, January 03, 2011

Keeping the faith

Yesterday I found out about what I perceive to be an ultimate betrayal. Thankfully, I had dreamt about it already so I just felt numb for a few seconds and then very grateful that I had been prepared for this act. I have been praying for the person involved and thanking God for the manifold breakthroughs to come this year.

I feel I am much more congruent now, in that my faith in God is stronger than ever. I have no one else to look up to or ask for help, except Him. So I believe, I trust, I have faith and I will keep believing, keep trusting and keep fuelling my faith; for indeed as He says in His Word, with Him all things are possible indeed, Amen.

Thank You, Lord for prophetic dreams, Amen and thank You for another day of glory, Amen.


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