Monday, November 22, 2010

I honour myself, Lord and You in me

On Sunday I renewed my commitment to myself, especially in the light of some relationships that have gone down south. I sometimes wonder whether I am not good at relationships because of the many that have gone south and it is baffling for someone who thinks she is quite friendly and considerate. Whatever the case, this dream of relocation to Ghana means everything to me and the dream of being financially independent is equally important to me. So as I travel life's journey doing my best to live as Christ would live, I will also remember that loving oneself enables me to love others better.

Loving oneself does not imply selfishness, it implies honouring what God has put into you to fulfil your destiny and thus be an example to some around you.
I promise to honour myself and the gifts that Christ has put into me, Amen.

Thank You for today, Amen.


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