Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gratitude for this year

I haven't written here in a while; I am away from home at the moment and that is one reason why I have not been able to write .

Where do I start? It was a great day yesterday with extended family and I'm glad we got an invitation to step out of our house.

And I have great hopes for 2011 especially because I have one single-minded intention: to immerse myself in the things of God some more. I think I have also matured a lot from the failed relationships of the past year and like a snake sloughing itself, I have come forth more thoughtful and shrewd about myself and my failings.

Lord, I commit myself to You once again and look forward to 2011. With Your Help, all the impossible things will surely become possible, Amen.

Thank You for today, Amen.


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