Sunday, July 11, 2010


I just noticed that I am almost at my 500th post and though the number falls far short of what my intentions were when I first started blogging, I feel quite chuffed about having made it this far. Thank You, Lord for Your grace and Your mercy that abounds all the time.

Yesterday we went to a Speech and Prize-giving award ceremony at which my son was collecting three prizes. I was a proud Mama indeed and was once again thankful that I had made the choice to stay at home to take care of the boys when they were younger. Many might have wondered why I made the decision to stay at home but I instinctively felt like it would make a difference and I believe it has. Now to replicate the same for the little lady as best as I can now that I have had to find employment.

One keeps dreaming of financial independence and thinking and praying about the ideas that I have had over the years. To be able to be my own boss and not have to step out unless I have to. With God all things are possible and I keep pressing on to my noble goals.

Thank You, Father for Your goodness and Your glory, Amen.


Anonymous Ama Derban said...

Nana, how I wish I could talk to you some more about this stay at home mommy business. You inspire me so much! Please message me on Facebook and let me know when would be good for you. Ama D

10:50 AM  

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