Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Treasure Island

Last night I went to watch a production of Treasure Island in my sons' school and it was very good. As always it reminded me of my own days in school and how much I loved acting. Alas, we did not go very far with our acting because it was not such an established career choice as it is over here in Britain. That is how it was and one did not make a fuss over what could have happened. Same with sports too. We did get a more rounded sort of education that can be quite useful and I am just happy to cheer my sons as they perform in these school productions. Where these performances will lead to, I have no idea but the good Lord does and I keep praying for each of them to fulfil his destiny, just like I do about myself.

Lord, thank You for the many gifts that You endow each of us with. Thank You, Jesus.


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