Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exercise breakthrough

I am quietly excited or pleased rather, I should say about today. I have found a solution to my exercise regime and all for the princely sum of £5 . I might have to shell out a little more money for replacements but we will take a day at a time.

Today I bought some cheap rackets, balls and shuttlecocks from one of the discount shops and all the boys and I have had some great fun outside in our very modest garden. It was very good exercise for me and I am very grateful for it. On the days where I can't walk, I shall look forward to the wall in our garden and also the washing lines. Until winter time, that is.

Exercise without shelling out a lot of money and spending time with the boys and keeping them away from a screen of sorts each available minute? As I always say miracles happen indeed and the Lord does indeed heed to the cry of his children.

Lord, I thank You for today, Amen.


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