Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I devoted most of my time to housework and cooking in the hope of writing tomorrow and I hope to attain that goal. I have also been thinking about a relationship that has gone sour and praying for closure about it because what is happening is very strange.

Well, this evening I mentioned it to a friend and his words have calmed me down a lot and made things quite crystal clear. I have written before that insecurity manifests in very strange ways indeed and sometimes the one who feels insecure will act in a pompous way to belie what he or she really feels inside.

For me, life is too short to indulge in pettiness, backbiting or paying people back if they have behaved in a negative way. It is immature to cut people off without listening to their side of the story unless they have crossed a line of gross disrespect and insulted you in a way that dishonours your person and your integrity.

So I resolve to keep on acting the way the Lord would have me do towards other people. Life is too short to waste it in negativity and insults.

I thank You, my Lord for today and for another opportunity to write. Thank You, Lord for good friends too, Amen.


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