Saturday, January 09, 2010

A fruitful day

It has been a very good day because I have done some cooking and bought some books and some clothes and treated the boys too and I feel like we have all had a fruitful day. I am getting more and more clarity about the teaching and the direction in which to take it; and my mentor shared some verses with me today along those lines, that I am going to meditate on. It is her birthday today and I wish her so much joy and fulfillment in every area of her life.

What is my focus, what is my assignment? The answers to these two questions will keep me on the straight and narrow and with all the information-gathering I have been doing, there are really no more excuses for me, Nana. 

Lord, thank You for today and thank You for the kids too. Help me discern what Your will for each of them is so that I can do what needs doing for and with them. 
Thank You for those open doors before me, Father, Amen.


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