Monday, September 14, 2009

Significant dreams

I have had a few significant dreams in the past week and I have to take note and act accordingly to what I have seen. It is not pleasant to realise that someone does not like you or have your interests at heart. However you cannot change that in another person, you have no right to. But you can act accordingly and be proactive about your own actions and also what you can do to take the power out of the hurt. 
The first thing is to forgive the person in question, second thing is to pray for them and then do your best to be on good terms with them. The rest can only be left to God who knows all things about what the situation is like.
Nana, take note and take yourself very seriously and pursue your God with all of your heart so that He may reveal the paths of uprightness and goodness to you.
Thank You, Father for Your grace and mercy, Amen.


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