Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jeffrey Archer's company

I was hoping to cook today but only managed one pot of soup and that is because I was just so tired after doing the shopping with the kids. Not my choice to shop today but circumstances surrounding that activity led to today's outing.

Well, to rest my weary body, I have been reading a novel by acclamined author Jeffrey Archer called Paths of Glory. I am enjoying it very much, it has a hint of history and some romance which I always like and I hope to be able to write as well as he does one fine day. It has been a relaxing read so far; however, I am feeling quite drained in body now and should go and have a quick wash and then jump into my bed. Very grateful for that and maybe tomorrow I shall be able to go for a walk. Lord in Your mercy, hear my prayer for a financial breakthrough and miracles galore.

Thank You, Jesus, Amen.


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