Monday, May 04, 2009

Family day and extras

Today we went out as a family and it was not too bad; naturally all the males and the little lady wanted to try out all the technology at this home exhibition we went to while I was interested in what was on offer in the interiors. I picked up a lot of material in the form of brochures to look at and also to share with some of my friends. It was a good day even if I had wanted to go out on my own. Another day, perhaps. 

And today I finished reading The Aladdin Factor; it is a definite must-read in my opinion and it is one of those I will definitely have to read again since it is not something that one just reads once. Very good material indeed and thank God I read it. 

I also met another writer who was asking me exactly what genre I want to write in and you know I still cannot tell because I have dabbled in several things. I am still waiting for the Heavenly Father to tell me what exactly to do with myself so that I can get cracking. At the moment I am enjoying some writing work I am doing for a friend and want to produce world-class material for him to use back in our dear motherland, Ghana. That is going well even though there is still a lot to do and I am sincerely enjoying the learning experience very much.

And today, three people have blessed me; one with a verse and one with a word of encouragement and one with free tickets to the exhibition . Is it any wonder that I feel so blessed today? My God is my Shield indeed and my Provider and my Redeemer.
Thank You, Father for today.


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