Friday, November 28, 2008

The truth sets me free

Life is made simpler when you get a hold of what you are dealing with in a particular issue. For instance in crime cases, there will be a profiler to evaluate the crime and circumstances surrounding the crime so that the homicide detectives can tell exactly what they are up against. The profiler might not get everything exactly right but will be close to the truth that will help the detectives hunt in a certain band of perpetrators.

I have been dealing with an issue for years now, very personal and close to home and finally I have found out what it is about. It is a very difficult situation but knowing what I am dealing with has made it easier to deal with it in a way. If you are in a battle with a cheat, you know not to believe everything he says; if you are in a battle with someone who has a certain mindset about women, for example, you know not to feed that belief in him. If you are dealing with a godly person, you know the Bible will play a huge role in his values.

So, Father I am grateful that You do reveal to redeem and that You have given me all that it takes to deal with what I find myself in.
Thank You, Father in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.


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