Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trusting in the Father

Thursdays are becoming my favourite days because I do not have to whiz around with the boys after school. With the warmer weather has come respite in one form. I have discovered a park by the teachers' houses and it means that those who do not have lessons can go and run about a bit before we get home. Hopefully that should feed off some of the energy.

I have been thinking about the story of Joseph in relation to sowing and reaping. When he interpreted the dreams of the baker and the butler, and the butler said he would remember him when he was released, Joseph's hopes must have risen high. He must have had freedom on his mind but somehow the butler forgot. His hopes were dashed but his faith was still strong, I believe.
Sometimes we must see signs of what we are praying for and then silence for a while and it is easy to get discouraged then or waver. But once there is a blade, there will surely be a harvest.

And do not put your trust in men or in princes. In the Lord alone put your trust. He always comes through with the whole package and more.

God is good to me and I am blessed and highly favoured!


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