Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Self-sabotage and getting up again

It has been one of those weeks where I have been making internal resolutions and then breaking them; and also asking where to start from with all the books I have to read and also wondering about the preparation for Saturday school .

Decisions, decisions, decisions. So many of them to make, so few that will make the crucial changes. I keep praying for wisdom and believe that I receive it.

Somehow I have also failed miserably at keeping the weight off and I suspect that I am eating out of boredom. Self-sabotage once again. Thankfully I am hopeful that I can still get back into a walking regime so tomorrow I am going to do take a walk before I start the ever-present housework.

And we have had a lovely time with Kofi who went back tonight. On Saturday my mom will also be leaving.

Thank You, Lord for family and also for the weeks of summer left to help me regroup.

Thank You so much.



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