Saturday, February 25, 2012

A mixed sort of day

It has been a mixed kind of day today; feeling some discomfort with a stiff neck, feeling slightly overwhelmed by certain things I need to do,happy to receive my books from a Ghanaian author today, grateful to have the opportunity to teach a friend's daughter today and also grateful for an early morning chat to the same writer mentioned a few lines above, who is ahead of me in the publishing game. Lots to be thankful for, even with my subdued emotions, especially since I believe I was sent an angel to cheer me up today.

Sometimes, Father it feels like nothing is happening and there is no movement and life is still but I know better now not to be deceived into that state. I know You love me always and You have my back and that things are working out for my good according to the Lord's purpose.
Lord, thank You for today and thank You for Your grace and Your kindness.
I need wisdom for the days ahead, Amen.


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