Sunday, January 17, 2010

Familiar friends

Today has been a restful day of sorts; I had planned to have a nap in the afternoon but ended up chatting instead on the phone for quite a while. Then I spoke to a friend I saw yesterday at the airport, on his way back home to Ghana. It was a very satisfying visit and I came back very encouraged and motivated.

There is something so precious and vitalizing about good friends; they lift you up and help you re-focus on the things that matter and they make you feel so cherished and valued. With this friend in particular, he always inspires me to write just because of who he is and how he listens to me so intently. We share a lot of interests and enjoy reading the same sort of things and somehow we seem to have the same perspective on issues which is comforting, and at the same time validating.

I am fired up for the exciting things going to happen soon and believe that the best is yet to come indeed.  With friends like the one I met up with yesterday.

Thank You, Father for today. Amen.


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