Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The buds do spring

I have been grateful for the past few days because I have started writing again and it feels so good. Just little bits here and there but I am beginning to feel the excitement within me once again and this time I have prayed and continue to pray for staying power. The start-stop, start-stop business must end somewhere; I feel like I am nearing that age when I must honestly and seriously take myself much more seriously ( forgive the repetition).

This week I read an article about keeping integrity with yourself and it really resonated with me. Be accountable to yourself and do the things you keep saying you will do.

The wisdom of baby steps beckons again. What can I say? It is a truism that is vital to keep one focused. Baby step, baby step, here I come with my baby steps.

Thank You, Father that the buds do spring. Amen.


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