Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fear of failure banished!

Today has been a good day even though I took a test that I might fail. It just goes to show much I have grown and that I am no longer afraid to fail. I can take it again and big deal if I fail. There is a good reason for my not reading through the notes before taking the test. Anyway, I did hand in my work and got a good grade for it. I hope to excel all the way through my life in all things now and that is why I must be careful to choose the things I want to do and have an interest in and not take on things that will bore me quickly.

I also am getting ideas for my work and also for the younger children especially; believing God for miracles with the older ones. Is anything too hard for the Lord? No, indeed nothing is impossible to them who trust in His deliverance.

Thank You, Lord for today; thank You, Lord for my life, Amen.


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