Thursday, February 24, 2011

it has been a good day

I haven't written in a while because my posts were beginning to sound monotonous. Half-term week has been good to me; lots of reading done but very little paperwork done so I have to make amends tomorrow and get it over and done with. Thank You, Lord for another day.

Been reading another Lee Child book and I am amazed at the skill of this writer. The book seems to start off very simply and one wonders how he is going to fill the whole book up and then like endless tentacles, strands begin to kind of unravel from one situation. Amazing talent. Lord, thank You that I am a writer too even if I do not see how big things could be now. The talent is Yours, the inspiration is Yours so into Your Hands I commit this gift.

And I had an amazing day with Dionne today. Lord, thank You for good friends and thank You for the gift of laughter, Amen!
Thank You, Father for You!


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