Sunday, October 03, 2010

I am congruent!

It has been a frenzied weekend and I have done very little around what I wanted to do these two days. I have done a lot of reading though, lots of Tess Gerritsen; it is like being drunk to an extent. I want to read everything she has written but the question comes to me in whispers: what are you writing yourself?

I am on the case and I believe somewhere in my heart, there has been a turnaround and I am no longer going to give excuses or just give up. I am congruent about the writing and now accept that every little daily indeed does make a difference. Sincerely and seriously. I have also learnt that the promises I make to myself and actually follow through, matter more than anything else.

Thank You, Father for deliverance from the snares of the fowler every single day. I pray for an awareness of Your Precious Spirit speaking to me all the time, Amen.

Into Your Hands I commit my spirit, soul and body, Lord, AMEN!!


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