Sunday, August 08, 2010

An unsatisfactory ending

I just finished reading a book by Robin Pilcher and though it was very good, somehow it left me feeling a bit flat. I am a romantic at heart so I love to read about love stories and that is why I love reading Sandra Brown novels so much. The main protagonists in this story I just finished do not get together and rightly so because they are both happily married. So as an writer, how would I change the story? That is the question.

One thing I did appreciate about it though was the resolution that takes place between the two characters who parted under such strange and difficult circumstances. Closure. It is one the things I most seek in a relationship that has gone funny in my own life. How can one make good what one is unaware of? As a Christian, I know I must live in peace with all men and that is what I strive to do as much as it is dependent on me.

Thank You, Lord for closures in my life and wisdom to do the right thing, Amen.


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