Thursday, August 05, 2010

Financial discipline

It has been a busy day, a bit tiring because I had to take the boys out for a writing event and do some shopping. I have been thinking about a few foolish decisions I have made about my finances during the past few weeks and the reasons behind my poor choices. I haven't come to any enlightening conclusions except to say to myself that I must never put myself under such pressure ever again. It makes no sense at all.

I must say that I was very astute today with my shopping and did my best to restrain myself. A few treats for the boys that were unplanned but nothing major to cause me great grief. Lord, I know I need a lot more discipline but like I have already prayed in faith and in all humility, I do need a raise in my income to make things balance on a monthly basis. And with You, all things are possible indeed.

I am grateful once again for today and for this gift of writing that allows me to express my innermost desires and needs. Lord, in Your Name, hear my prayer.


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