Thursday, March 11, 2010

A good day today

It has been a good day because I have absorbed a lesson for myself; I am trying to run before I can walk with the writing and I must be patient and wait upon the Lord for His appointed time. In the meantime I am to wait on Him, seek Him and do what I can do with my own human strength while waiting upon Him. And He has made more than enough provision for me to do that; I must make use of all the material I have got stacked on my heaving shelves and give myself opportunities to begin with the small things.

And today I rejoice with my friend who has just won a major award. I rejoice because the Lord showed this breakthrough to me years back and it is humbling to share in the success of a writer that I know personally.

Lord, You are so good to Your own. Help me keep up with these baby steps.
Thank You, Lord for Your favour and Your mercy, Amen.


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