Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Progress, steady progress

I am making steady progress on my assignments though why I leave the work until the evenings, I have no idea. Is it the weather or just the entropy at home during the day or both? The boys being away in the evenings means there is more peace and quiet and I can actually hear myself think.

And on that subject, how does one get them to do what they need to do without shouting, especially with the fifteen year-old whose moods are worse than a menopausal female? And a thirteen year-old who thinks he is the most important person in the house and so is entitled to be rude?

Lord, I am praying, will keep praying and will do my best to create positive images in my mind about them as I pray. In all these things, I give thanks for steady progress with the course.
And as for the writing too, we give thanks, Amen.
Thank You, Lord for another day, Amen.


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